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House Bill 5043

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Loving Father, through the intercession of San Lorenzo Ruiz, we beg You not to allow us to be deceived by the wrong directives of laws that do not give value to family and to life. May we see the hidden truth behind the seemingly good but deceptive arguments that will bring about widespread destruction of the morality of the Filipino family as well endanger the innocent life of the unborn child.

Touch and guide the hearts of our law makers. Assist them in the path of renewal that they may bring about the dream of society towards honorable and peaceful way of living in accordance with the culture for life and love.

Help us Father, we who are burdened by the struggles of these modern times. Grant us the courage to fight those forces that threaten the peace of the family. Help us to offer our individual crosses for the good of the Church. Through the power of the cross of Jesus, may all our decisions and works be in accordance with Your will so that we may be worthy of your blessings.

We ask this in the name of Your Son together with the prayers of our Mother Mary.


(An English translation from the Pilipino text courtesy of the Diocese of Pasig)




After a month long travel delay due to four devastating typhoons and the worst flooding in 40 years, PFL's International Director, Bob Lalonde arrived in Manila on the first Sunday of Advent and began our prolife work by attending Mass at St Francis of Assisi Parish. Fr Pavone wanted Bob to help the Philippines by taking along the latest pro-life weapons with him including his new prayer book 'Pro-Life Reflections for Every Day' and new video 'The Biology of Prenatal Development'. By using embryoscopy, a rare technique involving a tiny camera the size of a pen tip, scientists were able to get breathtaking, real footage of the unborn, which shows how preborn babies have a heartbeat at three weeks, make spontaneous movements at six weeks, and have 90% of the anatomical structures found in adults at eight weeks. What a powerful demonstration of the life of a preborn child. READ MORE...


God, our loving Father, Creator and lover of all life, You fashioned in your own image and likeness every human person. We thank you for this gift and the freedom to appreciate it

Grant us intense eagerness to recognize your image in every person so that respect for all human life becomes our way of life. Give us also the strength and courage to defend and protect the right of all to live as you ordained, from conception to natural death.

We pray for your divine healing, comfort and peace for all affected by past abortions. Grant them strength and the consolation of your presence. Help us serve actively in alleviating the sufferings and troubles of all women with pregnancy problems. Let your Spirit enlighten the minds and open the hearts of those who do not yet fully respect all human life according to your will.

We pray for all our leaders and legislators who must deliberate assiduously on this critical present issue. May they be guided by the grace of the Holy Spirit to act responsibly for the good and well-being of all. May their competence be always steered by humility and fear of the Lord.

Mary, our loving Mother, to you we entrust the cause of life. Grant that all who believe in your Son may proclaim the Gospel of Life with honesty and love to the people of our time.

We make our prayer through our Lord Jesus Christ your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God, forever and ever. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.
Saint Rosa of Lima, pray for us.
Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, pray for us.




Almighty Father, we raise our hearts to You in gratitude for the wonders of creation of which we are part, for Your Providence in sustaining us in our needs, and for Your wisdom that guides the course of the universe.

We acknowledge our sins against You and the rest of creation. We have not been good stewards of nature. We have confused Your command to subdue the earth. The environment is made to suffer our wrongdoing, and now we reap the harvest of our abuse and indifference. Global warming is upon us, typhoons, floods, volcanic eruption, and other natural calamities occur in increasing number and intensity.

We turn to You, our loving Father, and beg forgiveness for our sins. We ask that we, our loved ones and our hard earned possessions be spared from the threat of calamities, natural and man-made. We beseech You to inspire us all to grow into responsible stewards of Your creation, and generous neighbors to those in need.


Courtesy of the Diocese of Pasig

Prayer and Intercession
for Peace in Syria

God of compassion, hear the cries of the people of Syria. Comfort those who suffer violence. Console those who mourn the dead. Give strength to Syria's neighboring countries to welcome the refugees. Convert the hearts of those who have taken arms and protect those who are comitted to peace.

God of hope, inspire leaders to choose peace over violence and to seek reconciliation with their enemies. Inflame the Universal Church with compassion for the people of Syria and give us hope for a future built on justice for all.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace and Light of the world.


Courtesy of the Diocese of Pasig


Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host - by the Divine Power of God - cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

by Pope Leo XIII

Theme for 2014:
Empowered to Witness”
“For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control.
So do not be ashamed of your testimony to our Lord, nor of me, a prisoner for his sake;
but bear your share of hardship for the gospel with the strength that comes from God.”
2 Timothy 1:7-8

2015 Schedule of Events
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Schedule of Metro Manila Assemblies for 2014
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2014 Schedule of Events
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CFC Legal Case Update - A Wound in the Church
July 05, 2012

On June 28, 2012, the International Council (“IC”) of Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc. (“CFC Global”) issued a public statement on the status of the legal case between CFC Global and our community. The statement unfortunately misinforms and distorts the facts, even as it prematurely proclaims CFC Global’s “victory” in said case. In defense of truth and fairness, we must correct the misinformation and distortion. Read more . . .

From the Servant General

The New Evangelization (Part 108) - Expand Your Vision - 2
December 19, 2014

A key word in our vision for our evangelization work is “massive.” Most Catholic groups and parish ministries do one or two of their programs a year (some may do a bit more) and bring in a few dozen Catholics or so (some a bit more). CFC injected “massive” into the work of evangelization in late 1989 and did carry out such work. But even this is hardly enough. 99 out of 100 sheep are still lost. Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 107) - Expand Your Vision
December 17, 2014

CFC was raised by God to be an evangelistic and missionary community. In 1989 we decided to embark on rapid and massive evangelization. In the decade of the 1990s we experienced massive growth, doubling our membership from year to year in the mid-1990s. Membership reached its peak at 1.24M in 2001. By early 2007 CFC was already in 160 countries. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 16) - Value in Homosexuality?
December 16, 2014

Cardinal Reinhardt Marx is the chair of the German bishops’ conference, is one of Pope Francis’ key advisors, and is a progressive in the German Church hierarchy. The German Catholic bishops, certainly with some exceptions, have a reputation as one of the most liberal Catholic episcopates in the world. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 21) - Evangelization and Work with the Poor
December 16, 2014

Evangelization and work with the poor are the two major works of the Church. These two in fact are interconnected. They go together. The Church’s concern is the total well-being of people­body and soul, liberation and salvation, social and spiritual. One without the other is incomplete. Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 106) - Metanoia
December 14, 2014

Metanoia is repentance, and repentance is a change in the way we live our lives, in fact, it is an overturning of values, priorities, ideals, directions. Because all of us grow up in a world that is antagonistic to the faith, and are being brainwashed as to what are acceptable values, the overturning often has to be radical. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2014 (Part 59) - Warriors All
December 12, 2014

The angel Gabriel announced to Mary that she would bear Jesus (Lk 1:26-30), who would be the Savior of the world. With her yes, Mary becomes engaged in spiritual warfare. It would be the start of the fulfillment of the prophecy at Eden, where God tells the serpent that his head would be crushed by the woman and her offspring (see Gn 3:15). Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 15) - Teaching Versus Practice
December 11, 2014

Church doctrine is to be lived out, that is, to be practiced. What you preach, you practice.

If the German bishops are moving in the direction of liberalizing the situation of divorced and remarried Catholics because of concern for German Catholics dropping out of the Church to avoid paying the Church tax, then is that not like Judas looking to the thirty pieces of silver by betraying Jesus? Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 43) - The Greatest in the Kingdom
December 11, 2014

“Amen, I say to you, among those born of women there has been none greater than John the Baptist” (v.11a). John’s greatness lies in his task of announcing the imminence of the Kingdom and preparing the world for the coming of Jesus the Messiah. But Jesus goes on, “yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” (v.11b). To actually be in the Kingdom, that is, for all of us (much less worthy than John the Baptist), is such a great privilege that the least among us is greater than he. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 14) - A Split in the Church?
December 10, 2014

If liberals and modernists in the Catholic Church have their way, and go the way of the Protestant Churches in the area of human sexuality, that is, accepting contraception, divorce, abortion and same-sex marriage (as well as ordination of women), God forbid, what will surely result will be a schism, a split in the Church. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 13) - No Change in Church Teaching
December 10, 2014

Once again, Pope Francis has assured that there will be no change in Church teaching. This should already quash speculations on whether Pope Francis is a modernist who wants to change Church teaching on cohabitation, divorce and remarriage, and same-sex unions. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 12)
December 10, 2014

The Lineamenta has been released, though for now only in Italian. The Lineamenta takes off from the Relatio Synodi which was the final document of the III Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops last October. This text will be the basis of discussions throughout the Catholic world, with inputs to be submitted to the Vatican by April 2015. These inputs will be part of the Instrumentum Laboris, which will be the working document for the XIV General Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in October 2015. Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 42) - My Yoke is Easy
December 10, 2014

We all have our problems in life. We all have our difficulties and challenges in Christian service. With disappointments, frustrations and defeats, we at times might even be ready to give up. We complain to Jesus, wondering why this is what we get for serving him. Hear Jesus say, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.” (v.30). Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 105) - The Lost Sleep - 6
December 09, 2014

We are the sheep of God’s flock. How does God treat us? “Like a shepherd he feeds his flock; in his arms he gathers the lambs, carrying them in his bosom, leading the ewes with care.” (Is 40:11). What happens if we stray, as most Christians have strayed? “What is your opinion? If a man has a hundred sheep and one of them goes astray, will he not leave the ninety-nine in the hills and go in search of the stray?” (Mt 18:12). If that is what a human shepherd would do, how much more the Good Shepherd? Indeed, “it is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost.” (Mt 18:14). And how much more if the lost is not the one but the 99?! Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 104) - Living in the End Times - 9
December 07, 2014

In today’s readings we have many of the aspects that make for urgency in the work of the New Evangelization. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 11) - Importance of the Family
December 06, 2014

Families are of utmost importance, as so Pope Francis stresses yet again. It is precisely this crucial importance of the family for the life of the Church and the life of the world that nothing must be done to weaken it. To weaken the family is precisely the aim of anti-life, anti-family, homosexualist forces. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 20) - The Gospel and the Poor
December 06, 2014

Our God is the great and awesome Creator. “He numbers the stars, and gives to all of them their names. Great is our Lord, vast in power” (Ps 147:4-5a). But this awesome Creator-God is concerned with His creatures. They have strayed from Him, and they have oppressed their own kind, especially the poor. So what is God about? “The Lord rebuilds Jerusalem, and gathers the dispersed of Israel, healing the brokenhearted, and binding up their wounds.” (Ps 147:2-3). How can the 99 lost sheep be brought back to the sheepfold; how can the marginalized and deprived be restored? They need to meet Christ, and start to live Christ. This happens as we do the work of evangelization. We need to share Christ. Read more . .

The New Evangelization (Part 103) - Living in the End Times - 8
December 05, 2014

The world today is a far cry from the paradise God created. This is because of sin. But God is about restoration, and His ultimate aim is to bring us back to paradise, to heaven. That is when “Lebanon shall be changed into an orchard, and the orchard be considered a forest!” (v.17b). That is when every wrong thing will be overturned­when “the deaf shall hear” (v.18a) and “the eyes of the blind shall see” (v.18b). Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 41) - Fear and Trust
December 05, 2014

We are at war. Though war be waged against me” (v.3c); we are engaged in all-out spiritual warfare. “When evildoers come at me to devour my flesh” (v.2a); the enemy is a roaring lion or a rampaging wolf waiting to devour us. “Though an army encamp against me” (v.3a); we face evil forces, diabolical forces led by Satan with hordes of demons, and powerful earthly forces assaulting faith, family and life. Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 40) - The Joy of the Gospel
December 05, 2014

Jesus healed two blind men of their blindness (v.28-30a). Then “Jesus warned them sternly, ‘See that no one knows about this.’ But they went out and spread word of him through all that land.” (v.30b-31). They could not contain their joy, and just had to proclaim to one and all what Jesus had done. That is the joy of the gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), a missionary joy. Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 39) - Building on Rock
December 04, 2014

Jesus has some sobering words for us today. “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven” (v.21a). So these are avowed Christians, who call Jesus Lord. Now let us not talk about the really bad Christians (murderers, rapists, abortionists). Let us not even talk about the nominal Catholic who does not fully live out his faith. We are talking about those who profess to follow and serve Jesus. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 19) - Look at Jesus, Look to the Poor
December 03, 2014

Today’s reading: “This is the Lord to whom we looked” (Is 25:9c).

Our theme verse for 2015, as announced last September 22, is from Acts 4:34a: Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 18) - Look to Jesus
December 03, 2014

Today’s reading from Isaiah is about the celebration of the Lord’s banquet in Zion. It is a prophecy about the ultimate expression of our salvation, to be with the Lord forever in heaven. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 17) - Justice for the Poor
December 02, 2014

The whole world wants peace and prosperity. What can bring these about? It is justice. Justice is giving to the other person what is his due. What is a person’s due? It is respect, dignity and an equitable share of the world’s goods. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 10) - Communion for Pro-Aborts
December 02, 2014

I would say that Abp Cupich may be well-meaning but naive. Pastorally naive. Give communion to pro-abortion politicians in order “that grace would be instrumental in bringing people to the truth”? If communion has not made many Catholics (who are not in favor of that heinous and diabolical crime of abortion) move on in greater holiness of life (I am not being judgmental, but we can see what they continue to do), why do we expect communion to radically change a great non-repentant sinner (one who favors abortion)? Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 16) - The Gaze of the Crucified Lord
December 01, 2014

Here attached is the pastoral letter of Abp. Socrates Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines. It is a remarkable document, steeped in spirituality and love for God’s people. It is very challenging to all, especially to the rich and powerful. Read more . . .

On Pope Francis (Part 57) - On the Holy Spirit
December 01, 2014

Here is a very important homily of Pope Francis on the Holy Spirit. We rely on the Spirit for our work of evangelization. We claim to be empowered by the Spirit. But are we truly living a life in the Spirit? We do well to read this prayerfully, to meditate on it, to internalize it, and to strive to live it out. Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 102) - Living in the End Times - 7
November 30, 2014

Jesus warns us, “Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come.” (Mk 13:33). We do not know, but we can read the signs of the times. The end times are upon us. Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 38) - War and Peace
December 01, 2014

Outside the walls of the United Nations are these words from Isaiah: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; one nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.” (Is 2:4b). A great ideal. But unfortunately the UN has failed. Today there is much armed conflict in the world. Even those nations that had been peaceful have been turned into killing zones. Plowshares have been turned into swords and pruning hooks into spears. Read more . . .

Thought for the Day (Part 37) - Soldiers of Jesus
December 01, 2014

We who are servants of Jesus are soldiers in his army, tasked for mission in the world. He is our Commander-in-Chief, the one under whose authority we serve. The centurion understood army command very well. “For I too am a person subject to authority, with soldiers subject to me. And I say to one, ‘Go,’ and he goes; and to another, ‘come here,’ and he comes; and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” (v.9). Read more . . .

Report on

November 29, 2014

This Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities was held by the Pontifical Council for the Laity in Rome on November 20-22, 2014. The theme of the congress was “The Joy of the Gospel: a Missionary Joy.” Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 101) - Living in the End Times - 6
November 29, 2014

“Behold, I am coming soon.” (Rv 22:7a). Jesus will come again. Soon. Of course in the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day. But since we are looking to the eternal consequences of our life on earth, compared to eternity, the two millennia people have lived on earth is short. Whether Jesus takes another millennium to return or not, he is coming soon. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 9) - Spiritual Works of Mercy
November 27, 2014

The liberals and progressives in the Church cite mercy and compassion as the reason for reaching out to the poor and the marginalized. Mercy and compassion of course are very Christian traits, which we should all strive to live out. But the liberals extend this principle to the whole area of human sexuality, in particular to those who are in cohabitation, to the divorced and remarried, and to same-sex couples. In extending mercy and compassion, the liberals want to bend backwards to accommodate such Catholics, in effect going against the age-old moral teaching of the Church. Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 100) - Living in the End Times - 5
November 28, 2014

We need to be able to read the signs of the times. Jesus already told us what would be the signs of the end. They include false prophets, wars and calamities, as well as massive apostasy. All these things are happening today. Well, “when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.” (Lk 21:31). Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 99) - Living in the End Times - 4
November 27, 2014

We are in the end times. “And then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” (Lk 21:27). What a glorious time! Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 98) - Living in the End Times - 3
November 26, 2014

There will always be persecution of Christians in the world. Why? Because a world under the dominion of the evil one is antagonistic to true Christians. “You will be hated by all because of my name” (Lk 21:17). At times it will be severe. The diabolical powers-that-be “will seize and persecute you, they will hand you over to the synagogues and to prisons, and they will have you led before kings and governors because of my name.” (Lk 21:12). And sadly, even those closest to us will participate in the persecution. “You will even be handed over by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends, and they will put some of you to death.” (Lk 21:16). Our Christian lifestyle and choices are an indictment on those who live worldly lives, and they will not tolerate that. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 8) - Liberals in HIgh Places
November 27, 2014

Cardinal Walter Kasper, a German bishop, is one of the key figures among liberals in the Church, and was at the center of the controversies that surrounded the Synod of Bishops just concluded last October. He and other liberals want more favorable treatment for homosexuals and divorced/remarried Catholics. Read more . . .

Synodos (Part 7) - The Fight Will Intensify
November 26, 2014

Know that gay-rights groups will be actively working to promote their agenda leading up to the October 2015 Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. And know that they are quite skilled in pushing their agenda forward, with the support of liberal mainstream media. Read more . . .

On Pope Francis (Part 56) - Ecclesial Movements and New Charisms
November 25, 2014

Pope Francis says the new charisms “are not a closed patrimony, consigned to a specific group to guard it; they are rather gifts from the Spirit integrated into the ecclesial body, attracted towards the centre that is Christ, from where they are channeled into an evangelical impulse.” This exactly fits CFC-FFL today. Whereas CFC before was like a closed patrimony, guarding its borders, running parallel to the institutional Church, looking to its own interests (like recruitment of new members), being self-referential, CFC-FFL today, through LCSC, has opened its doors wide, enabling us to be integrated into the ecclesial body that is the Catholic Church. We may be the only ecclesial movement, among the 300 lay associations, that has done so. Read more . . .

The New Evangelization (Part 97) - Living in the End Times - 2
November 25, 2014

People asked Jesus about the end of time. “Teacher, when will this happen? And what sign will there be when all these things are about to happen?” (Lk 21:7). When will the end come? No one knows except the Father. But there will be telltale signs. Jesus tells us what these are. Read more . . .

Live Pure (Part 19) - Called to a Holy Life - 2
November 24, 2014

The book of Revelation gives us a glimpse of heaven, and attunes our minds to the end of time. Then, we will come face to face with our Lord. “Then I looked and there was the Lamb standing on Mount Zion” (Rv 14:1a). The elect “were singing a new hymn before the throne” (Rv 14:3a). Read more . . .

Financial Stewardship (Part 20) - The Widow's Mite - 3
November 24, 2014

The Holy Spirit included this story of the poor widow’s contribution in order to challenge us who are not as poor as this widow. Though there are very many poor people in the world, not many as are poor as this widow, who only had “two small coins” (v.2). Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 15) - Pasturing the Sheep
November 23, 2014

In the call to the New Evangelization, we are to search for the lost sheep, which are the 99 of the 100. These are the people whom Jesus gave his life for. God loves the world and wants everyone to come to salvation and make it to heaven. Thus God says, “Look! I myself will search for my sheep and examine them.” Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2014 (Part 58) - We are Warriors - 2
November 22, 2014

We are warriors. As God’s warriors, God Himself provides for our offense and our defense. For offense, God trains us for war. God “trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war” (v.1b). God provides our defense. God Himself is “my safeguard and my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge” (v.2a). Together, God it is “who subdues peoples under me.” (v.2b). Read more . . .

On Pope Francis (Part 55) - Address of the Holy Father to Participants of the Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities
November 22, 2014

We just finished the Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities here in Rome, a three-day conference. The first one was held in 1998 and the second one in 2006. In attendance were 300 participants from 100 ecclesial movements from all continents. Read more . . .

The Way Forward in Christ (Part 111) - The Word of God
November 21, 2014

The word of God, the Bible, is crucial to the Christian life. Unfortunately, most lay Catholics do not know the Bible. How can they truly live Christian lives if they do not know the written word of God? As St. Jerome says, ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ. Read more . . .

On Pope Francis (Part 54) - Called to be Saints
November 20, 2014

The Holy Father reiterates what has been our constant theme in CFC/CFC-FFL, that we are all called to holiness. This year we emphasized this further, that we are called to be saints, .. and martyrs and warriors. Read more . . .

Our Theme for 2015 (Part 14) - Vibrant Worship - 2
November 19, 2014

Does not a prayer assembly leader, in exhorting the brethren to worship, at times say: “We are entering into the throne room of God”? How is it to enter into the throne room of God? John had a vision (Rev 4:1a). “A throne was there in heaven, and on the throne sat one whose appearance sparkled like jasper and carnelian. Around the throne was a halo as brilliant as an emerald. From the throne came flashes of lightning, rumblings, and peals of thunder. Seven flaming torches burned in front of the throne, which are the seven spirits of God. In front of the throne was something that resembled a sea of glass like crystal.” (Rev 4:2b-3,5-6a). Awesome! Absolutely magnificent! Breathtaking in splendor! Read more . . .

On Pope Francis (Part 53) - Family and Evangelization - 2
November 18, 2014

Pope Francis continues to affirm our life and mission. It is evangelization founded on family renewal. We are to build up the family. We are to invite those who are lukewarm and feel lost. These are the lapsed Catholics. The Church’s mission to evangelize never ends. It is the same way with us. Read more . . .

The Way Forward in Christ (Part 110) - Having Ears to Hear
November 18, 2014

“Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (v.6,13,22). Whoever has ears ought to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to our community in particular and to the Church in general. What is that? We have all been called to the New Evangelization. OK, but what do we do? Many in the universal Church and in the parishes are still awaiting the answer. Read more . . .

The Way Forward in Christ (Part 109) - The Fervor of First Love
November 17, 2014

John writes, “for the appointed time is near.” (v.1:3b). We are in the end times. But Jesus has not returned, almost two millennia later. Well, that just means we are almost two millennia closer to when Jesus will indeed return. The time given us, and the Church, is intended for the work of proclaiming the gospel, so that many more can be saved, before Jesus comes again. Read more . . .

The Way Forward in Christ (Part 108) - Entrusted by the Master
November 16, 2014

“It will be as when a man who was going on a journey called in his servants and entrusted his possessions to them.”. That is exactly what Jesus has done in relation to us. His most prized possession is salvation, won by him on the cross. Such salvation restored us to the Father, and is the key to entry into eternal life. Now Jesus has gone back to heaven, and has been away on a very long journey, but will be back. While he is away, the work continues, and so he called his disciples before he ascended to heaven and issued to them the Great Commission, to proclaim the gospel throughout the earth. Read more . . .

Honoring Toto De La Cruz
December 20, 2011

I take this privilege to honor Toto, my brother, co-worker and friend.

As has been his practice, he has gone on ahead of us. He has always been a trailblazer. He was among the first full-time pastoral workers, and there has been no stopping him ever since. Even death has not done that, as he has now moved on up there, where he can intercede mightily for our life and mission. Read more . . .

Signs of the Times

Not Being a True Catholic
September 12, 2011

Yes, Archbishop Charles Chaput speaks clearly and with authority. He is not wishy-washy like other clerics and even bishops, who are loath to defend the fullness of the Catholic faith. This is the reality: IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT THE CHURCH TEACHES, YOU ARE NOT REALLY CATHOLIC. Read more . . .

Sex Education in Schools Useless and Harmful
September 02, 2011

The anti-life legislators in the Philippines continue to insist on mandatory sex education for young children. There is abundant evidence from the experience of many countries that such valueless sex education increases promiscuity and incidences of unwanted pregnancies, STDs and HIV/AIDS. Such a seemingly harmless thing as sex education in schools will actually destroy the family, life and faith. Read more . . .

U S Bishop on Unrepentant Pro-abort Pols: Expel him
August 12, 2011

It is about time that a US bishop spoke out this clearly and forcefully. Now let us see if the Catholic bishops in the USA actually follow through. "Purge the evil person from your midst." (1 Cor 5:13b). Read more . . .

One Hundred Fifty Reasons I'm Catholic
And You Should be Too!
by Dave Armstrong

1. Best One-Sentence Summary: I am convinced that the Catholic Church conforms much more closely to all of the biblical data, offers the only coherent view of the history of Christianity (i.e., Christian, apostolic Tradition), and possesses the most profound and sublime Christian morality, spirituality, social ethic, and . . . Read more. . .

2014 CFC-FFL "Empowered" Community Weekend
January 25-26, 2014
CAP Convention Center
Camp John Hay, Baguio City

2014 CFC-FFL "Empowered" Community Conference
Saturday, January 11, 2014
Ynares Sports Center, Pasig City

32nd CFC-FFL Anniversary
Sunday, June 23, 2013
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Frank Padilla's Latest Books

Published in the Philippines, June 2014

Have you ever wondered what certain difficult or challenging passages in the Bible mean?

* Do not be anxious at all about life.
* Renounce all your possessions.
* Love your enemies.
* Turn the other cheek.
* Rejoice in suffering.
* Pray without ceasing.
* Be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect.

Have you ever desired to be the person that God intended you to be?

The times are urgent for the life of the world, as well as for those of us who truly desire to live in and for Jesus. Thus the whole Church has been called to the New Evangelization. If we desire to respond to this prophetic call, we must become a people formed according to God's ways. We must obey what Jesus tells us. But how can we obey if we do not understand? We can start to understand as we tak this life - changing journey for the next 40 days.

Published in the Philippines, June 2014

The Roman Catholic Church has sounded the call to the New Evangelization. This is a very important prophetic call for the work of the third millennium.

How are we to respond? How are we to understand the call to the New Evangelization? How can the people of God, especially the laity, participate in the action of the Holy Spirit during these times.

One response is the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement. LCSC is intended to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization, so that every Catholic will meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ.

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(Defending the Culture of Life)

Homily of Fr. Melvin Castro
Executive Secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life

CFC-FFL "Strong in God" Conference
Baguio City, January 22-23, 2011

January 2011 CBCP Plenary Statement
on Choosing Life and Rejecting the RH Bill


November 06-08, 2010

Servant General - CFC-FFL

Faith, family, life. These are the crucial issues in the life and mission of the Church in this third millennium. At every turn we see the threats to and the attacks on faith, family and life. Read more . . .

His Eminence,
Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales,
Archbishop of Manila,
Rev. Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB
Spiritual Director
Couples for Christ
Foundation for Family and Life


The Servant General in an audience with Pope Francis at the
meeting of the Pontifical Council for the Family
The Vatican - October 25, 2013

The Servant General meets with Pope Benedict XVI at the
19th Plenary Session of the Pontifical Council for the Family
The Vatican - February 09, 2010


"The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), through its Episcopal Commission on the Laity (ECLA), has given formal and official recognition to Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) as a national private association of the lay faithful, effective October 15, 2009.


"His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, has re-appointed our Servant General Frank Padilla and his wife Gerry as members of the Pontifical Council for the Family, effective September 10, 2009, for another term of five years."


"Lead us back, O Lord, that we may be restored;
give us anew such days as we had of old."
Lam 5:21
Updated: 07-31-2014

The highest courage is to dare to be yourself in the face of adversity, choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience, and truth over popularity.

Travel the path of integrity without looking back, for THERE IS NEVER A WRONG TIME TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

- Archbishop Soc Villegas
25 July 2007

From the

Frank and Gerry Padilla present the books "Servant Leadership" and "Stories from Prison" to His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, on February 09, 2010, at the Vatican

with the



Almighty Father, you are our Creator and God. We acknowledge your dominion over us, that we belong to you, that you hold our very lives in your hands. We come before you in worship and praise.

Lord Jesus, you are our Savior and Master. You call us into your body on earth, making us brethren to one another. Bind us together as one, united in your heart and mind, able to live and serve as your holy instruments.

Holy Spirit, fill us and continue to empower us to witness. Guide us and equip us in the work of evangelization. Give us the boldness to proclaim Christ, wherever we are, until this work reaches the very ends of the earth.

Triune God, you have given us the privilege of being stewards of your grace and mercy. Help us to be faithful, to claim nothing as our own, to give without counting the cost, to endure and joyfully embrace the cross. Favor us, Lord, so that by our common work the needs of all will be met.

Mama Mary, we look to your quiet strength and fullness of grace. Accord us great favor as you intercede for our needs and for our work. May your Son Jesus be glorified in all we do.



Almighty Father, Creator of the universe, how awesome is your name in all the earth. All glory, honor and power belong to you. Thank you for restoring us to yourself, and giving us the privilege of doing your divine work. Stir in us the flame of your love, and bestow on us the grace to fulfill our destiny according to your eternal design.

Lord Jesus, you suffered and died for us, and we belong to you. You have shown us the way to accomplishing the Father’s will, as you endured the shame of the cross. Help us not to be ashamed of our testimony, but to zealously proclaim you to the whole world, so that all might meet and know you, and start to live your way of life.

Holy Spirit, you are the agent of evangelization and you send us forth. Empower us to witness to Jesus, through holiness of life and through the proclamation of the good news of salvation in him. Remove any cowardly spirit that might be in us, especially as we face oppression and persecution. Dwell within us and strengthen us to be able to bear our share of hardship for the gospel.

Triune God, you call us to holiness, to witness, and to mission. You desire for us to be saints, martyrs and warriors. May we truly deserve to be counted among your people, as we march onward to the New Evangelization.

Mama Mary, your life is the best witness to your Son Jesus. You are our model of faith, self-emptying, total trust, ardent hope, humble servanthood, and joy in suffering. Continue to embrace us and cover us with your mantle of protection, as we go forth into battle under your banner.



Almighty Father in heaven, awesome and glorious are you in your majesty. From all eternity you have had the greatest plan for us all, for a future filled with hope. May your name be always exalted through all the earth.

Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, you have loved us with an everlasting love, and have established your friendship with us. We desire to live as you live, following you as your disciple along the path of holiness. Help us to share the good news of your love and your salvation to many others. Increase our faith, so that we might do even greater works.

Holy Spirit, touch the hearts of the faithful, so that they may meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. Help us to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization in this Year of Faith, in response to the call to the New Evangelization. Open our eyes and hearts to experience the faith that truly works wonders.

Triune God, continue to work in our lives so that we remain faithful and steadfast in faith, as we proclaim that faith throughout the world. Then may all peoples and nations bow down before you in worship.

Mama Mary, you are our model of faith. Please always guide us and keep us covered in your mantle of grace and blessing.

May the faith of all God’s people move mountains.


We kneel before you, as you yourself sit at the throne room of God, beside our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, your Son. You more than anyone else embody the pure love for our Lord Jesus that we all desire to have, as you bore him in your womb, gave birth to him, raised him, suffered with him through the cross, and finally witnessed his resurrection. You are the one whose soul perfectly proclaims the greatness of the Lord, whose spirit perfectly rejoices in God our Savior. You are the one we and all ages will call blessed.

You are the highly favored one, and the Lord is truly with you. We thus look to you to be our mediatrix, as we continue on our journey in the world, proclaiming your Son Jesus and bringing his good news of salvation to all. We recognize our weakness and sinfulness, and that apart from the power of God’s Spirit we can do nothing.

Dear Mother Mary, you are our inspiration for the strengthening of families and the promotion of the culture of life. Pray and intercede for us always, that we may remain faithful to our covenant, steadfast in our work, persevering despite trials and crosses, and always mindful of the call to holiness and discipleship. You who are holy and you who are the most faithful disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ, keep us in your loving embrace always.

We consecrate ourselves, our families and our work to you. Bless us, dear Mother, and journey with us, as we continue to journey with your beloved Son Jesus. You are our mother, and we are your children, now and forever. Amen.

Hail Mary …

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